Luxtek offers a wide range of products ranging from sofas & armchairs, tables & chairs to different decorative pieces, perfectly suited to every luxury customer's needs.


Luxury Italian-Made Furniture

Belloni Luxtek sof HK



Belloni -- the leading brand of top-tier, exclusive luxury furniture since 1875 combines age-old techniques that were nearly lost to the times with modern techniques that holds true to the traditional handcrafted furniture made in Italy with hands and a lot of care. 


Formenti -- a star in the world of Luxury interiors, offers the market special customization and tailored creations all over the world by creating harmony between classical elegance with modern expressions.



Fratelli Boffi --The story begins in 1928 with Carlo Boffi, who as an artisan, achieved the reputation as one of the best chair carvers capable of reproducing the typical style of the Louis XV – Louis XVI period.


Belloni, Formenti, Fratelli Boffi are your perfect choice for luxury residential & commercial environments.