Formenti Luxury Italian Furniture

Formenti is an Italian company located just outside Milan, internationally known for high quality sofas and furnishing accessories.

Creativity, craftsmanship and tailored services are qualities that are carefully cultivated and kept within the company.

The continuous pursuit of materials and construction solutions offer clear improvement in the performance and quality of the Formenti products that meet the expectations of a careful audience for truly authentic Made in Italy.


Leather, with its noble worth, is the real star in Formenti creations. In order to enhance this living material, you need passion, experience and strict control of each step of processing and tanning.  The result is a creation of unparalleled products that excite you for years to come.


Research is a fundamental aspect of Formenti work. It arises from an interest to take in new things, offering the inspiration for the creation of unparalleled exclusiveness. Different tastes and styles, expression of the international level design, these all come together in the Formenti lifestyle. A star in the world of Luxury interiors, 

Formenti faces the market with special customization and tailored creations all over the world.

Formenti Series